Frequently asked questions

How to activate CNICK Ring as a Tesla Model 3 Key?

Procedure is very simple, same as adding Tesla keycard: Go to the locks menu, hit the little plus, and follow the directions. Please watch our video tutorial:

How is CNICK Ring made?

CNICK Ring is Made from the exotic wooden materials. It fits finger perfectly and ensures users comfort throughout the day. Every inch of the wood used for manufacturing is precisely selected, to ensure durability of the ring. We do not use whole pieces of wood to carve the ring, as it does not assure longevity. Our wood artists bend highest quality, exotic wood stripes to craft perfect combination of nature and technology. To protect the ring from damage and guaranty user comfort throughout the day, every ring is covered with waterproof, transparent finish.

Do I have to charge the ring?

CNICK Ring never needs charging.

What is a correct hand position against the reader?

Our Rings have unique anntenna integrated circulally to assure the best performance, therefore signal is transmitted from the ring circle and requires tapping ring finger joint on the surface, not the ring itself. Please watch our video tutorial:

How durable is CNICK Ring?

Our manufacturing technology guarantees the highest quality and durability, it’s almost impossible to break CNICK rings by dropping or gripping. CNICK rings are not weak and delicate, but it’s never a bad idea to keep the polished finish looking nice over the coming years. Most of your daily activities are fine. But Good wood ring care starts by avoiding exposure to harsh chemicals and rough treatment (e.g. wearing the ring while lifting or operating machinery). These are things that can compromise the finish, and thereby, the integrity of the ring itself. The finish is the most important factor in keeping the ring in good condition and, if it is compromised, water can penetrate the wood–this damages the ring from the inside. Rings can withstand the shower or hand wash, as well as swimming.

Which Tesla models support CNICK Ring functionality?

Currently only Model 3 and Model Y have RFID lock/unlock functionality, therefore CNICK Rings can be used only for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y.

Can I wear the ring on any finger?

We suggest not to wear ring on middle finger as it is longer than other fingers, will be more distance between ring and the reader, that can result in a weaker reading performance. Feel free to wear on any other finger.

Can I use other NFC rings as Tesla key?

Please note, other NFC rings, which are availabe on the market can't be used as a Tesla key, because they don't have Tesla applet stored in the chip, neither they are using compatible type of chip. Currently, is the only source for buying Tesla key ring.

Where is CNICK ring made?

CNICK rings are manufactured in Georgia (Country in Europe).

Can I wear ring while doing dishes?

Exposure to the detergants can demage the ring finish and if the finish is effected water can penetrate inside the ring and damage the wood. We recommend to remove CNICK ring when washing dishes.