5 reasons to buy Tesla Key Ring

Tesla Key Ring for Model 3 and Model Y enables locking, unlocking, and starting the car with a simple finger tap.

If you are still hesitating about purchasing Tesla Key Ring, this article is for you!

We've collected 5 primary reasons to be using Tesla Ring daily starting from NOW.

1. Your reliable Backup!

Smartphones are not reliable! They require frequent charging. How often are you running out of battery? Tesla ring is a fantastic backup, in case your phone has died.

For a ring, no charging needed EVER! Another issue with smartphones is Bluetooth connection. Sometimes it has connection/pairing problems with the vehicle.

2. Simplicity.

No need to carry a Key card or Smartphone in your hand. It is inconvenient to take a key card from the wallet every time, with a ring, your key is always on your hand.

Go for a run! No need to carry your phone while training.

3. Handcrafted luxury accessory.

Tesla Key Ring is a stylish and fashionable gadget/wearable. Luxury wood, natural stones, Tesla logo, silver or golden stripes. Looks amazing, works amazing! Let everyone know that you are a proud Tesla owner (Tesla logo is optional).

4. Custom Design.

Create a unique design that will match your Tesla. Up to 500 custom design combination!

Possibilities to customize your ring:

  • Choose inner/outer color of the ring.

  • Add stone (Emerald, black stone) /glowing powder circular inlay.

  • Engrave your unique symbols or text

  • Cover the symbol with Silver/ Gold layer.

  • Jeans design is a unique design made from real jeans, making it the first ring of this kind.

5. ECO-friendly.

We produce rings from natural woods, like Redwood, Ebony wood, dyed tulipwood, natural Koa wood, etc.

CNICK Ring is Made from the exotic wooden materials. It fits finger perfectly and ensures users comfort throughout the day. Every inch of the wood used for manufacturing is precisely selected, to ensure durability of the ring. We do not use whole pieces of wood to carve the ring, as it does not assure longevity. Our wood artists bend highest quality, exotic wood stripes to craft perfect combination of nature and technology. To protect the ring from damage and guaranty user comfort throughout the day, every ring is covered with waterproof, transparent finish.

CNICK rings are manufactured in Georgia (Country in Europe).

It's a convenient and reliable backup option that stays with you all the time and delivering a fun experience. Simplify your daily life and be unique!