COVID-19  Situation in Georgia  (Sept 4,  2020)

CNICK is a Georgian company (Country in Europe). All CNICK rings and bracelets are manufactured in Georgia, Tbilisi.

As all world is now concerned about COVID pandemics, we wanted to ensure our customers that CNICK rings and bracelets are 100% secure for purchasing. 

 Official website informs that the cases of spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) through touching packages have not been reported.

Statistical data (4 September 2020) Georgia 


  • RECOVERED - 1294


Now Georgia is one of the safest places worldwide. Based on the number of total cases, Georgia is on the 149th position worldwide.

The main recommendations to contain the spread of novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) are

  • avoid contacts with the people with respiratory infections, frequently wash hands;

  • avoid touching face/eyes/mouth with hands;

  • follow hygiene rules;

  • observe cough and sneeze etiquette, avoid close, unprotected contact with animals in the street.

As the recommendation mention frequently handwashing, CNICK customers often ask

«How durable is CNICK ring?»

Our manufacturing technology guarantees the highest quality and durability. It’s almost impossible to break CNICK rings by dropping or gripping.

CNICK rings are not weak and delicate, but it’s never a bad idea to keep the polished finish looking nice over the coming years. Most of your daily activities are acceptable. But Good wood ring care starts by avoiding exposure to harsh chemicals and rough treatment (e.g., wearing the ring while lifting or operating machinery). These are things that can compromise the finish, and thereby, the integrity of the ring itself. The finish is the most crucial factor in keeping the ring in good condition, and, if it is compromised, water can penetrate the wood–this damages the ring from the inside.

«Is it Waterproof?» YES!

«Can I wear a ring while washing my hands?»

Feel free to wash hands, take a shower or swim while wearing your CNICK Ring.